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What makes GoGoo.Me’s app the best in the business!

GoGoo.Me was founded in 2020 to combat major problems that they saw in the food-delivery industry: (1) bad customer service, (2) clunky and uncustomizable menu options, and (3) reputation of treating restaurants and drivers poorly.

To combat that, GoGoo.Me ensured when designing their app that it would possess three particular features that would support the values that GoGoo.Me believes are essential to a great business: person-to-person customer service, a community-based culture, and options.

Person to Person Customer Service

Many food delivery apps rely on an email client full of bugs and wait times when using their app. GoGoo.Me goes above and beyond by making sure that any complaint or concern is addressed by a person who can help you immediately. Whether it’s a phone call to double-check your order, a text with an update on food’s arrival, or maybe just a suggestion on what type of side you should get on your order of buffalo wings, GoGoo.Me’s app will match you with a support team that’s full of supportive people.

Community – based Culture

Our app and mission statement has always been that when you take care of the community, the community takes care of you. This is why when your drivers and restaurant partners know us by face and by handshake, not just an email and a name on a paystub. We communicate and collaborate with our team daily to ensure that we are always on the same page, and more importantly, they know that we have their back. 


But what makes a great delivery app? An app that sets you up like your right in front of the restaurant counter. Does your favorite restaurant have a family-style special? GoGoo.Me has that option on its app. Does your noodle joint have ten levels of spicy goodness? GoGoo.Me has an option for that! Want to make sure that you don’t corrupt the environment with extra plastic waste? You bet GoGoo.Me has an option for that. Whether it’s making sure you get the same deals or customizable meals as you would get ordering at your restaurant, GoGoo.Me’s app has an option for that!

12-mile radius for most restaurants

While there might be some other food delivery apps that you can choose from, no other app out there is doing their best to make ordering from their app even easier than picking it up from the restaurant. Our team of real people who love food has designed this app to be food lover friendly all without having to manipulate their menu or cheap out on the customer service.

Order on GoGoo.Me today! You’ll love it!