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How GoGoo.Me is helping reducing pollution in the restaurant industry

How GoGoo.Me is helping reducing pollution in the restaurant industry

Plastic waste and pollution is a global crisis that affects everyone, damaging our oceans and filling our water and food with potentially dangerous toxins and waste. National Geographic reported in October that over the next ten years, plastic pollution “ will reach as much as 58 million tons a year”. What’s sad is that this is their most optimistic estimate, accounting for even the most ambitious government initiatives and industry standards. 

This plastic waste not only ruins the beauty of our beaches and coves, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, but some of these chemicals are also carcinogenic and increase the chance of marine animals and the people consuming are infected with bacteria or carcinogens. This problem affects every person in the world and our community and requires everyone to do their part.

One area that can stand to do a better job is the takeout food industry. With the pandemic increasing the desire for single-use plastic, plastic waste has surged. While too early to predict, popular chains like Just Salad have reported wasting 75,000 pounds of plastic this year due to food deliveries. Left unchecked, environmental organizations project plastic waste to increase by 40% over the next ten years. These costs are not just environmental though. The USDA economic research division reported that % 8.5 of every dollar spent in the restaurant industry is spent on packaging. More waste not only damages our environment but small businesses’ ability to survive.

To combat this alarming trend, food delivery companies like GoGoo.Me are working with their restaurant partners to develop a no plastic utensil option for their deliveries. While GoGoo.Me and others understand the desire keep food safe and disease-free during these times, some of this plastic waste is simply not needed. With most customers eating from home, there is no need for massive amounts of plastic utensils to be tossed into the trash and eventually into our oceans. While GoGoo.Me is starting with a few of their partners, they hope to expand this pledge to all their restaurants soon. They are also working with their partners on less wasteful and more biodegradable containers for the future.

 GoGoo.Me believes that by reducing plastic waste in their industry, they are only playing a small part in helping our community. However, with our customer’s and restaurant’s support, we believe we can spread awareness on this issue and hopefully stem the tide against dirty tidewater in our oceans and our communities.